Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

You may be wondering what one can make in an air fryer? Things you never even thought of! Things like fried eggs, pizza, and even French fries. This blog post will cover some of these surprising things that you can make in your air fryer.

Fried Pickles

What’s better than deep-fried treats? Fried pickles! This Southern staple is perfect for any meat and three restaurant, but it can be a little difficult to regulate your calories when you’re eating these fried favorites. Try air frying with an air fryer instead of using the stove or oven and save yourself from those extra pounds in no time. Coat your pickle slices in breadcrumbs and seasonings before cooking them less than 20 minutes so that taste will still come through without all the added fat on their waistlines.

Pumpkin Seeds

Fall is finally here, which means there are pumpkins galore. And what better way to make the most of your family’s Jack-O-Lantern carving tradition than to save some seeds and turn them into a healthy snack? Pumpkin seeds can be eaten on their own or as additions to trail mix and homemade granola; but you won’t want these in an air fryer for 15 minutes because they’ll just get burnt!

Apple chips

potato chips in bowl

With the popularity of fat-free diets, people often ask for healthier snacks. For a satisfying and healthy snack without all those carbs or calories, consider air frying some apple chips! Apples are loaded with vitamins and fiber making them perfect to stock in your house at any time.

Loaded with sweet cinnamon spice flavor that is irresistible on its own but even better when dipped in dark chocolate sauce; these apples will have you feeling like you’re eating potato chips again – only they won’t make you feel bloated afterward because of their low carb content!


The air fryer is the new must-have kitchen appliance. It’s perfect for making toasted ravioli in less than 10 minutes! All you need are breadcrumbs, seasonings and of course, some delicious raviolis to enjoy a light snack that will satisfy your taste buds while giving you an energy boost. Some people like dipping it into ranch dressing or marinara sauce so be sure keep both on hand and figure out which one suits your tastes best!

Salmon and Brussels Sprouts

Believe it or not, you can make an entire dinner in 15 minutes using your air fryer. Just add salmon fillets and Brussels sprouts to the basket with a little cooking spray and whatever seasoning of your choice-you’ll be able to take care of all that weeknight meal prep while still looking good!