Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
sushi on white ceramic plate

So, you are visiting Sydney for the first time and want to know what food to eat? Well, food is food, right? Nope! Sydney has some of the best food in the world. From Asian cuisine to traditional Australian fare, there’s something for everyone. And just like any city worth its salt, it has its fair share of culinary hotspots that will make your mouth water. So here they are – 6 of them – in no particular order:


Barramundi is a popular fish in Australia and around the world. They can be found at restaurants across Sydney, but it’s especially common to find them on menus near you when dining out somewhere like Melbourne or Brisbane. Barroomndis are naturally high with Omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown time after time as being heart-healthy for your body!

This means they offer many health benefits such us lowering cholesterol levels while providing more energy all day long – not bad considering how easily farmed barrameat causes less environmental damage than other types too because there’s no need to use antibiotics or hormones which often result from factory farming practices where these animals raised only knowing how jump through hoops until the day they are slaughtered.

Baked Beans

It’s not just at breakfast time that baked beans make an appearance on Sydney food menus! You can find them in most pubs, cafes or even restaurants where you go for lunch or dinner. Baked beans might be the food of choice when it comes to meat-free food options – and they are definitely a food staple around the world. They also happen to be super-healthy as they’re high in certain nutrients such as fibre, iron and calcium which makes them an ideal food choice for vegetarians!

Aussie Meat Pie

plate of dessert

In Sydney’s pubs you will see Australian meat pies everywhere – from classic Aussie BBQ flavors to more unique food ideas such as Mexican pie, Greek Pie or even a Moroccan inspired food option. The most popular meat pie in Australia is the ‘Aussie Meat Pie’ and it’s made with beef mince (ground beef), onion and gravy encased in puff pastry! It might not sound like much but they do taste amazing when served hot from oven – especially if you add some mash potato on top.

Chips (Fries)

You can’t leave Australia without having tried chips/fries – they’re just too delicious not to! Chips in Sydney are often served with a food sauce called ‘tomato sauce’ or sometimes it’s referred to as ‘ketchup’. The food sauce is basically made from tomato paste and it’s often sweetened with food sugars such as high fructose corn syrup so you can find food options that are both healthier and unhealthier.


Australian sushi is not just for the Japanese but they do have their own Australian food version of traditional food rolls which include different kinds of fish and food toppings such as raw/cooked seafood and vegetables. You can find sushi in most food places: restaurants, cafes or even fast food chains where you go for a quick bite to eat!


You might think that the best food in Sydney is only meat related but this couldn’t be further from the food truth! Food places all over the food place offer vegie-burgers where you can choose between different kinds of vegetarian food options – from cheeseburgers to vegan food options. If you want something else than meat, then definitely try a food burger instead at your next meal out in Sydney.

These are just some of the food options you will find in food places across Sydney. Where do you like to get your food fix? A bus hire specialist like can take you around Sydney.