Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
kitchen utensils hanging on hook

It’s no secret that cooking is a passion for many people. From bakers to barbecuers, there are countless folks who love to spend their time in the kitchen. However, it can be hard trying to find out what tools you really need and how much money you should spend on them – especially if you’re just starting out! In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the kitchen tools that every beginner needs.

Kitchen knives and sharpening tools – Dull knives are prone to sliding off the surface of the meat, which can be dangerous. They also make slicing more difficult and time-consuming. If you’re just starting out in the kitchen, it’s worth investing a bit of money into sharpening tools so that your knife always cuts efficiently through whatever you need to slice or dice!

Cutting boards – One of the most important parts in one’s kitchen is a cutting board. Cutting boards can vary from different materials: wood, plastic, and glass are some examples. Martinez suggests that hardwood cutting boards should be 2″ thick or thicker to avoid warping when wet so it doesn’t get slippery on top as well with water splashing all over the place while you’re trying to cut your vegetables for dinner tonight! That being said, there are also exceptions such as using an inexpensive meat-only plastic cutting board if they need quick washing afterward before reuse (though this might not happen often).

Tongs, spoons and spatulas – Retrieving long pasta from boiling water or turning over a steak on the grill are just two examples of why tongs and spatulas can be so important in any kitchen. A good set should have both metal and wooden handles, which will help protect against heat damage from long periods of cooking with them.

stainless steel fork on stainless steel round plate

Non-stick frying pan – Non-stick pans make it easy to cook things like eggs or pancakes without the food sticking to the bottom of them. Reducing how much butter is used for cooking can help you keep your diet on track, too!

Pressure cooker – These are great because they reduce cooking time by up to two-thirds and also helps you save energy in preparing meals while still preserving nutrients better than most other cooking methods.

Kitchen shears – These are a useful tool for cutting through things like chicken bones, and many have built-in bottle openers as well!

Vegetable peeler/mandolin slicer – In order to get even slices of vegetables or fruits that cook evenly, it’s helpful if they’re the same thickness.

Measuring cups, scales and measuring spoons – In order to properly measure out ingredients for a recipe, it’s important that they’re in the right proportions.

Rubber spatula – This is great for mixing things up without using too much force and risking spillage all over your countertop or stovetop area.

Mixing bowls – These are helpful for preparing ingredients before cooking and can also be used to mix up things like cake batter if you’re making one.

Beer opener – You might not think about this item on your list, but it’s good for those times when you want a cold beer after work or dinner.

There you have it some of the essential kitchen tools for beginners. Hope this list is helpful!