Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
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Coffee machines are a great way to ensure that you have fresh, hot and delicious coffee available in any room or area where it’s needed. They can be used at home, work, school, on holiday trips, etc., so they provide convenience wherever you go. However, if you don’t own one yourself, how do you know whether renting one will benefit you? We spoke to the team at 7 Grams Coffee on the benefits of Coffee Machine Rental.

Here we look into some of the reasons why this might be beneficial:

1) You get to choose from different models – If you want something simple but effective, there are plenty of options that won’t cost much money. But if you prefer more features, such as automatic drip-coffee makers with timers, filters, grinders, milk frothers, steam systems, espresso machines, etc., these may not suit all purposes.

2) It saves time – When you rent a coffee maker, you only need to worry about making coffee once every day. This means less cleaning up afterward! And when you buy a coffee machine, you also need to clean it after each use. So by using a coffee machine instead, you save both time and effort.

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3) You avoid wasting money – Buying a coffee machine could end up costing you hundreds of pounds over its lifetime. Not only does buying one means spending lots of cash upfront, but you also need to consider maintenance costs too. Rental fees are usually very low compared to what you would pay for a new machine. Plus, you never really know how long you’ll keep the device before needing to replace it again.

4) Coffee tastes better – The best part of having a coffee machine is knowing that you can always rely on getting good tasting coffee whenever you want it. Whether you like black, white, decaf, flavoured, sweetened, unsweetened, strong, weak, whatever… you name it, chances are you’re going to find it somewhere. With a rented coffee machine, however, you need to fill the water tank and press start. That’s it! No mess, no fuss, no hassle. Just perfect coffee every single time.

5) There’s no risk involved – One thing that makes owning a coffee machine attractive is the fact that you can take advantage of warranties and guarantees. These come in handy when things break down, which happens quite often. For example, if you bought a faulty kettle, you wouldn’t just throw away $100+ worth of equipment without trying to fix it first. Instead, you’d call the manufacturer who would then send someone out to repair it.

In conclusion, renting a coffee machine has many advantages over purchasing one. While it doesn’t make sense financially, it still provides other perks that aren’t necessarily obvious. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about investing in a coffee machine, now is definitely the right time to do so.


1. Renting a coffee machine is cheaper than purchasing one outright.

2. A coffee machine gives you control over exactly how you make your coffee.

3. Having a coffee machine allows you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee anytime, anywhere.5. Using a coffee machine doesn’t require any special skills – simply follow the instructions provided.